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We understand how stressful and uncertain a cancer diagnosis can feel. FidoCure is here to help. This form of precision medicine has helped dogs with cancer exceed their life expectancy, and many FidoCure cases have gone into remission for the remainder of their life. With precision medicine, your dog could see a higher, happier quality of life, and more time with their loving family. 

Traditionally, canine cancer has been treated using standard chemotherapy and radiation, regardless of the cancer type. Targeted therapies have been used to treat cancer in humans for many years now, so why not apply the same science to canine cancer care? Using genomic testing and decades of cancer research, FidoCure matches your dog with one or more targeted therapies based on the genetic markers of their specific cancer. From there, medication can be prescribed by your vet and conveniently administered in the comfort of your home.

Comfort & Ease

Medication is administered at home in pill-form, reducing the number of stressful vet visits.

Precision Medicine

Targeted therapies are chosen based on your dog’s specific cancer type.


Your dog’s cancer journey helps advance canine cancer care, giving hope to families across the world.

Peace of Mind

Know that you’re giving your dog the best hope for a healthier, happier life.

Share FidoCure Precision Medicine for Canine Cancer with Your Vet

This guide explains how our therapeutic treatment works and is an easy way to get started. FidoCure will work closely with your veterinary team to deliver the best treatment possible for your pet.