Canine cancer care is expanding, and FidoCure is at the forefront of these advancements.

Learn more about how your clinic can offer personalized cancer care to pet families facing limited options.

Why FidoCure?

FidoCure has helped treat over 4,000 dogs, each case contributing to the expansion of this cutting edge approach. With over 7 years of genomics data, we grant vets and pet families access to care that has previously only been available for humans.


Differentiate Your Practice

Offer care beyond chemotherapy and radiation.


Reduce Wait Times
Get the necessary reporting done quickly so you can begin treatment as soon as possible.


Provide Precision Care
Prescribe tailor-made cancer therapies that are less invasive and more effective than standard options.

FidoCure DNA Sequnce

1. Sequence DNA

Your veterinarian submits a tissue sample to FidoCure® for DNA sequencing.

FidoCure Cancer Mutations

2. Identify Mutations

FidoCure® creates a personalized DNA report that helps identify genetic mutations that may affect treatment.

FidoCure Targeted Therapy

3. Targeted Therapy

Informed by FidoCure®, your veterinarian may prescribe targeted therapies (administered orally at home).

See FidoCure in Action

FidoCure® Precision Medicine White Paper

Read an in-depth explanation of FidoCure’s approach to precision medicine, including molecular profiling, biomarkers, and targeted therapy.