Hemangiosarcoma: Advancing canine cancer treatment with targeted therapies

Canine cancer diagnoses can be devastating and demoralizing. While research and studies for human cancer have brought us a long way when it comes to treatment and instilling hope for our loved ones, the same can’t necessarily be said for the world of pet medicine. Despite this, there are many passionate veterinarians and veterinary oncologists […]

Research featured in The Cancer Letter

We were thrilled to see our recent Nature paper featured in last week’s issue of The Cancer Letter!  Our multi-year study has compared canine and human cancer journeys and revealed predictive biomarkers and beneficial therapeutics that impact both sides of the leash. We are honored to be recognized in The Cancer Letter, a leading publication for oncology professionals […]

TCC Case Study: Sir Oliver

Sir Oliver, an 8 year old French Bulldog with TCC, is surviving and thriving thanks to his targeted therapeutic treatment4.5 months from FidoCure™ enrollment, Sir Oliver’s latest CT scan showed a 38% reduction in his bladder tumor.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Case Study: Duchess

It is clear that the utilization of targeted therapy has proven beneficial in improving patient quality of life, extending survival time with minimal disease progression, and having an overall positive impact on patient care.

Thyroid Carcinoma Case Study: Lulu

After more than 20 months of FidoCure® enabled treatment, Lulu has remained free from further metaseses. There has been no evidence of disease recurrence or pulmonary metastasis. Lulu has maintained a positive quality of life while in treatment and achieved extended time with her pet owners.

Splenic Hemangiosarcoma Case Study: Sam

After FidoCure® enabled treatment, Sam exceeded the 5-7  month median survival time for splenic hemangiosarcoma by living over one year beyond diagnosis.